Fairford Festival Parade

Fairford Festival of Fiction

Fairford Festival Bake Off

Live Music at Fairford Festival

Fairford 3km and 10km Road Race

Fairford Festival 2022

2nd - 5th June at Fairford Cricket Club

Fairford 10k road race

Fairford 10k - Virtual Race - 1st - 31st December 2020

Run it Somewhere Else race organised by the Running Somewhere Else running club (from Cirencester, Gloucestershire).

Participants can run 10km anytime during the month of December (1st – 31st Dec 2020).

Entry is now open  – Only £6.50 (plus 50p admin fee)

Fairford Festival AGM - Thursday 10th September

We’ll be holding the Fairford Festival AGM next week, Thursday 10th September at 7:30pm.

If you would like to be involved in this wonderful community event and would like to join the meeting next week, please email kerrie@fairfordfestival.org.uk
Fairford Festival 2022

The Tudors are coming to Fairford in 2022

The Fairford Festival Committee has unanimously agreed to postpone the 2020 Festival until next year. We had hoped that we could run the Festival in September this year, however we feel that there are too many uncertainties around the Covid-19 situation and are concerned for the safety of our community.

This year’s Fairford Festival was to have had a Tudor theme to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII visiting Fairford in 1520 and preparations had already been put in place to have a Tudor themed fancy dress Parade, minstrels, jugglers, a jester, falconry display, archery and even a King Henry VIII lookalike together with his six wives! We appreciate that many people in Fairford were looking forward to a Tudor themed Festival but you won’t be disappointed however, as the Tudors will now be coming to Fairford in 2022.

So there’s now plenty of time to plan and make what you are going to wear – a smock, jerkin, doublet, hose, breeches, cape, plumed hat, ruff or farthingale. Put the date in your diary!

Fairford Festival 2022

Fairford Festival Of Fiction - Saturday 4th June 2022

The Fairford Festival of Fiction has been rescheduled to Saturday 4th June 2022. Further information regarding next year’s line-up will follow.

2020 Fairford 10k road race - rescheduled to 2021

This year’s Fairford 10k has been rescheduled to Sunday 13th June 2021. So even more time to train!

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